Lake Consecon Resort is viewed as and promoted as a safe, secure, friendly family RV Park.

Please read and know the Park rules, “I have not read or ignored the rules” is not a valid response if you are approached regarding a violation of the rules.


Quiet time hours are to be observed from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am Sunday-Thursday and 12 am – 8 am Friday-Saturday. All radios, stereos, and all other audio equipment must be turned off, during this time. No loud music will be permitted to be played or broadcast at any time outside of quiet hours. During special events, quiet time hours will be extended.


Campfires must be attended at all times. Flames may not exceed the top of one fire ring. This is a safety issue with the number of trees in the Park, as well as your neighbors do not want the soot and sparks flying on their trailers or awnings. One fire ring on a site is permitted. During time of fire restrictions, no fires of any type are permitted. All fires are to be extinguished by 1:00am.

Fire-pits are not to be used for garbage, it smells bad and attracts skunks, raccoons, crows and foxes to the area. Please put all garbage in the dumpsters.

If you are making excessive noise Park management will to ask you to please quite it down. Future incidents similar in nature may result in an eviction from the Park. The best way to resolve noise issues on your site is to turn off all music and for all guests to return to their own RV trailers.